NaNoWriMo — Sort of.

I'm not writing a novel, but can I write something anyway? This blog needs some work.
NaNoWriMo — Sort of.

I have friends who participate in NaNoWriMo, and now that it’s November, I expect most of those friends to participate again. I don’t know of any of them that has actually completed a first draft of a novel in a month — it’s a herculean task for sure — but I guess the whole point is in the attempt. Writing itself is good for you. It declutters the mind, sharpens your communication skills, and works those fingers on the keyboard.

I love to write, or at least, I remember that I used to love it. I’ve tried different techniques because this is the 21st century and all. I’ve tried to write things just using my voice, and that’s something that just wasn’t possible not too long ago, but I enjoy the feel of the keys under my fingertips in the same way that I enjoy the tactile feeling of a pencil or pen on plain white paper. I guess I’m old school like that.

Anyway, I want to get into the act.

I’ve been participating in NoNoWriNo for the past, I don’t know, few years maybe? One of my old friends from high school, a brilliant writer in her own right, asked me recently if I had any copies of my old writings from high school. Those writings I did then were intended to be part free-verse and/or part song lyrics, a general adolescent stream of consciousness that would take an occasional swing and a miss at anything resembling prose. You could imagine the subject matter, being that I was in high school and girls mostly made no sense to me. I hadn’t thought of those poems in a long time, but in time, and after writing about 500 of them, (and with the help of my long-suffering English teachers) I think I got pretty good at writing…something, anyway. But I didn’t do anything with any of it.

The 500 unfortunately have long sense been lost to a basement flood that took not only those high school musings, but my awesome Soundesign stereo that had not only a cassette deck but an 8-track recorder on it. If I wanted to write another collection of work, I would have to start over. And without my Def Leppard tape.

It’s been hard to start over. Which is why I think I’ll try to adapt NoNo month to my own efforts by blogging through it. You see, I preach all the time on my podcast and on social media how consistency beats occasional flashes of brilliance, and when you put out content regularly, it compounds and builds upon itself. But I don’t practice what I preach.

And since my birthday is in November, (it falls on Thanksgiving this year!) and I’ve always considered birthdays to be a “personal new years day” where we can make our own private resolutions, I’m going to try to regularly post some content during this month. Putting it out there right now means that I have a whole host of internet people who will hold me accountable. Theoretically.

What is more likely is that no one really reads it.

And that’s OK too. Personal new year’s resolutions don’t need a big audience. They don’t need teenage angst. They only need me to be consistent.

I’m not writing a novel. I’m just writing.

The keys feel crisp under my fingertips.

Here goes something. Nanu nanu.

Tim Adkins

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