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  1. Hey!

    We are an artisan bean to bar chocolate producer located in Woodstock, IL, and I think our organically made chocolate would be an amazing fit for your line-up or for corporate gifts. It’s been tough these past few months and hope this reaches you at a time where you are starting to think about the next step as well.

    Can I send chocolates so you can try them out? What is the shipping address?


    Marisa Allen
    Sales Director
    Ethereal Craft Chocolate

    1. Hi Marisa!

      Who turns down chocolate? Not me! I took a look at your website. What a unique place!

      I really don’t do many corporate gifts, as my business hasn’t grown to that size yet, but I’ll be happy to give you guys a shout out on the podcast since you are the first people to ever offer me anything. 🙂 I love the packaging, and if the chocolate is as good as the beautiful presentation, I am sure it is amazing!

      If you would still be up for sending a sample, I will email you my contact and shipping info.

      Thank you, Marisa!

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